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6 Conversations You Need to Have with Yourself

There are many things you can tell yourself, even though you don't know them beforehand. You are constantly talking to yourself in your mental space. Your internal dialogues may seem useless at times, but in fact, the behavior of talking .. more..
clock icon 4 Minutes Positive Thinking    clock icon 23 July 2024

5 Tips to Get Everything You Need

We often care so much about what we can't get that we don't think about whether we want or need this matter. Still, we usually require much less than we believe to be happy and successful.
clock icon 4 Minutes Personal Development    clock icon 22 July 2024

3 Types of Fitness to Improve Productivity

You might think this is just another piece of productivity advice, but it's actually more than that. When I applied the knowledge I shared in this article, I found myself working with higher productivity and a higher concentration. .. more..
clock icon 2 Minutes Achievement    clock icon 22 July 2024

10 Social Intelligence Skills You Need to Master

Social intelligence or intelligent interaction with others (PQ) is about one's ability to deal with social situations and understand verbal and non-verbal communication. Those with a high level of social intelligence are skilled at .. more..
clock icon 9 Minutes Communication Skills    clock icon 21 July 2024

How to Prevent Aggressive Behavior?

Aggressive behavior is any behavior by an individual that causes physical or psychological harm to others. It is also defined as behavior that exceeds the social morals recognized, which may often result in problems with others. .. more..
clock icon 8 Minutes Personality Styles    clock icon 16 July 2024

Why is It Important to Practice Self-compassion to Overcome Rumination?

One of my patients says, “I can't do it right; I know I'm going to fail, and I can never do it right.” These harsh, self-directed thoughts that go along with them all the time provoke their inability to satisfy simple desires, .. more..
clock icon 4 Minutes Positive Thinking    clock icon 16 July 2024

How to Speak Fluently in Public?

You stand behind the curtain and are about to step onto the stage in front of many people. With every step you take, you feel your body heavier and hear the sound of your heartbeat. Don't worry, you're not the only one with speech phobia, also .. more..
clock icon 7 Minutes Personal Development    clock icon 15 July 2024

10 Tips to Motivate Yourself

We all like to set goals for ourselves at the beginning of the new year, at the beginning of each month, and even at the beginning of each day, but how good are we at achieving the goals we set for ourselves? .. more..
clock icon 6 Minutes Motivation    clock icon 15 July 2024

The Right Way to Express Your Anger at Work

You will likely become angry during your work, mainly if Deanna Geddes, a professor of human resources management, and Dirk Lindebaum, a professor of management and administration, discuss three circumstances. .. more..
clock icon 5 Minutes Anger Management    clock icon 14 July 2024

5 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy as You Age

When people turn 60, they sometimes lose their keys or forget the names of movies they love, and when that happens, they wonder: Is this the beginning of cognitive decline? Or  worse, are we going to get dementia? .. more..
clock icon 6 Minutes Power of Mind    clock icon 13 July 2024

25 Mistakes Successful People Don't Repeat

Everyone makes mistakes. Failure is when you make the same mistake over and over again. Everyone  makes mistakes, which is part of life. In fact, we gain through our mistakes and failures the experiences and insight that allow us to .. more..
clock icon 7 Minutes Success Skills    clock icon 12 July 2024

How to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is just as important as savvy and erudition. Humans use their emotional intelligence to communicate with people, build relationships, and express emotions in a healthy way.
clock icon 4 Minutes Emotional Intelligence    clock icon 11 July 2024
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