6 Important Facts You Should Always Say to Yourself

You are gorgeous and powerful; Do not forget this, and if you are going through a moment of temporary confusion, let me remind you of some critical facts that you should always repeat to yourself.
clock icon 5 Minutes Life Lessons    clock icon 23 July 2024

How to Feel About What You Have?

Imagine going to the mailroom of your workplace and finding an envelope with a message from your boss inside. Of course, you will rush back to your office to read the content of the message, and in the meantime, the following questions come .. more..
clock icon 5 Minutes Happiness    clock icon 14 July 2024

Be Yourself without Trying Too Hard

I lived with a wonderful friend who spoke English as her third language a few years ago. After years of experience, she eventually became fluent, but there was one phrase she would always say that I initially found difficult to understand: .. more..
clock icon 4 Minutes Life Lessons    clock icon 2 May 2024

Things that Make Your Life Harder than It Needs to Be

Imagine having a fresh, ripe and juicy apple in front of you. You pick it up, take the first bite, and take in the taste. If your expectation of the apple's flavor is different from what it tastes like, you will be let down and won't be satisfied .. more..
clock icon 6 Minutes Life Lessons    clock icon 16 April 2024

10 Critical Questions You Must Ask Yourself

Wisdom involves asking the right questions rather than having all the answers. The simple questions you keep asking yourself will ultimately shape who you are in the long run, so take a moment to think about these questions today: .. more..
clock icon 3 Minutes Life Lessons    clock icon 22 March 2024

10 Harmful Habits Drain Your Energy

Listen to me; You know that moment when you're driving in an unfamiliar place, turning up the radio while following the GPS directions on the screen. Then, you suddenly reach a confusing path. The sound of the radio weakens even though it .. more..
clock icon 6 Minutes Life Lessons    clock icon 21 March 2024

8 Daily Habits that Will Make You Stronger

These minor changes to your daily routine will greatly impact your life by helping you boost your strength and capacity over the long term.
clock icon 5 Minutes Life Lessons    clock icon 12 March 2024

Do You Find Yourself a Victim in This Life?

Do you blame others for the course of your life? Do you feel like everything is moving against you? Do you have trouble coping with setbacks? Do you have a negative attitude most of the time? Do you tend to hang out with other people who also .. more..
clock icon 6 Minutes Lifestyle    clock icon 2 March 2024

A Heart-Healthy Lifestyle: Tips for Preventing Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease stands as a prominent cause of mortality in the United States, affecting both men and women alike.
clock icon 6 Minutes Lifestyle    clock icon 10 July 2023

Design Your Own Nutrition Plan 101

The daily task of determining what to consume can be overwhelming, especially when already struggling with a busy schedule that involves work, family, and social duties. Frequently, individuals resort to throwing together impromptu .. more..
clock icon 5 Minutes Lifestyle    clock icon 22 May 2023

Questions to Ask Yourself That Help You Plan Your Life

It is frequently important to engage in a thorough self-examination to advance in life.
clock icon 5 Minutes Life Lessons    clock icon 21 May 2023

How to Design Your Own Keto Diet: 7 Days Example

Due to the ketogenic diet's success in helping people lose weight and improve their general health, it has become incredibly popular in recent years.
clock icon 6 Minutes Lifestyle    clock icon 18 May 2023
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