Calculate Age

It is difficult for us to calculate the age and determine our exact age without relying on computer programs and applications, and here we offer you an electronic age calculator program that allows you to know your age in Gregorian or Hijri dates with extreme accuracy, all you have to do is enter your Gregorian date of birth with the day, month and year and then press the button And the age calculator will give you your age based on today's date in years, months and days, thus saving you time and effort in calculating your age or the age of any of your friends or family members.

Test converting date from Hijri to Gregorian and from Gregorian to Hijri

History Transfer Service is a unique service that allows Arab users via the Internet to perform Date conversion operations, whether converting the date from Hijri to Gregorian or vice versa, and the process of converting dates is done By entering the date you want to convert to the day, then the month, then The year is then pressed, which in turn will display the result of converting the dates entered by it. With these actions, the user has benefited from The service is fully completed and got the result he wants, and he can reuse the service indefinitely for any A number of dates are given.

Date today

Today's date service in detail displays what the day corresponds to according to the local time of your country from the date Hijri and Gregorian date as well, and what distinguishes our service is that it provides the mentioned dates in several different formats, some of them It comes in full numeric form, and some are in the form of a combination of a number for the day, year and text for the month to have The reader has the ability to distinguish the name of the month from the months of the year, in addition to another fully textual format based on The taqweet mechanism, which converts numbers into writing to provide you with a Hijri date service And my birthday is very elaborate and accurate.

Create Barcode Barcode

It is possible to easily create a barcode for a product consisting of numbers and letters through the barcode software that was designed For this purpose, the barcode can be customized in terms of height, width, and spacing of parts before performing an operation Generating the code through the product barcode creation site, and the use of barcodes is not limited to products but may It extends to other uses, for example, but not limited to, such as printing the code on special postal parcels In delivery companies and government post centers.