Do You Need Friends Who Think Like You?

Do your friends need to share your values, interests, and philosophy on life? I guess the answer is no. As a vegan, entrepreneur, and speed reader, do most of my friends have the same interests and approach as me? Obviously not. .. more..
clock icon 3 Minutes Relationships    clock icon 28 February 2024

The Power of Empathy: How to Build Stronger Relationships with Your Customers?

Empathy represents a potent instrument that frequently goes unnoticed within the swift and outcome-oriented realm of business.
clock icon 6 Minutes Relationships    clock icon 24 July 2023

How to Encourage Your Kid to Ask and Think?

Let’s get one thing straight. No one knows what the secret ingredient is to successfully raising children from day one until they’re adults.
clock icon 5 Minutes Raising Children    clock icon 16 July 2023

How To Encourage Your Kids To Face Issues And Overcome Obstacles In Their Lives?

Myshkin Ingawale recognized a healthcare issue and took it upon himself to find a solution.
clock icon 5 Minutes Raising Children    clock icon 13 July 2023

8 Ways to Deal with Anxiety in a Fresh Relationship

Getting into your first relationship is scary. Even if you are past that hurdle, getting into any new relationship is still a wild ride of an experience.
clock icon 6 Minutes Relationships    clock icon 27 May 2023

11 Reasons to Break Up: When Is It Right to Break Up?

Breakups are tough. No one wants to go through the pain and heartache of ending things with someone they spent so much time with.
clock icon 6 Minutes Relationships    clock icon 20 May 2023

10 Things to Do When You Are Tired of Your Partner

You have been together for a while, and it dawns on you that maybe you are spending too much time with each other.
clock icon 5 Minutes Relationships    clock icon 20 May 2023

How to Help a Sibling That Is Suicidal?

It's normal for siblings to struggle with how to help a brother or sister who is exhibiting suicidal thoughts or actions because suicide is such a delicate and difficult subject.
clock icon 5 Minutes Mental Health    clock icon 18 May 2023

The Wheelchair

A chance encounter with a businessman on a wheelchair prompted the author to reflect on the aging process and the importance of planning for the future. The author and their friend considered the different paths that some of their role .. more..
clock icon 5 Minutes Life Lessons    clock icon 14 May 2023

The Art of Being Selfless in Relationships

Maintaining a healthy relationship is a difficult task that calls for patience, understanding, and a willingness to compromise. Many people wonder what the secret is to long-lasting relationships, whether it's a .. more..
clock icon 2 Minutes Relationships    clock icon 13 May 2023

The Paradox of Religiosity in Arab Societies

Religion has been a fundamental part of Arab societies for centuries, with many considering it an essential aspect of their identity. However, despite the prevalence of religiosity, the region is also plagued by issues such as .. more..
clock icon 2 Minutes Family and Society    clock icon 7 May 2023

How to Develop Effective and Ethical Persuasion Skills in Your Kids?

A kid's personal and professional development depends heavily on the development of effective and ethical persuasion skills.
clock icon 5 Minutes Raising Children    clock icon 6 May 2023
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