3 Clues That You Will Be Fine Even If You Don't Feel Like It Now

You may start to worry directly on some days from the moment you wake up about all the things you must do and all the people you will see. You will be worried about the opinion of others about you, whether your family, friends, colleagues, or .. more..
clock icon 7 Minutes Anxiety    clock icon 8 April 2024

How to Handle Internal Conflict Skillfully?

When life is painful or out of our control, we want bad feelings to go away as quickly as possible and our situation to change and resolve that conflict. Still, we complain about it and blame others and heal our anger. .. more..
clock icon 4 Minutes Peace    clock icon 27 March 2024

Does Venting Really Help?

All of us experience occasional anger, though some more so than others. It's frequently beneficial to talk about everything going on inside of us, whether we're depressed over the loss of a loved one, enraged at friends or family, or .. more..
clock icon 5 Minutes Mental Health    clock icon 15 March 2024

Motivation Between Psychology and Business

Most businesses frequently encounter diverse human-to-human interactions. Consequently, companies that understand human behavior and pay heed to it are more likely to succeed.
clock icon 3 Minutes Finance and Business    clock icon 23 July 2023

From Awareness to Action: The Psychology of Effective Marketing

To enhance their marketing outcomes, corporations frequently endeavor to examine human thoughts and behavior in order to produce materials that cater to their target markets.
clock icon 6 Minutes Finance and Business    clock icon 7 July 2023

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Emotional disorders, destructive thought patterns, and other atypical behaviors. What do these black sheep have in common? They’re difficult to undo, ruin people’s lives, and instill a sense of helplessness in those .. more..
clock icon 5 Minutes Mental Health    clock icon 24 May 2023

Self-Confidence and Mental Health: What Might the Lack of Confidence Mean?

Self-confidence is essential for finding success and happiness in life, and it is a crucial component of mental health that allows people to believe in their potential and take chances.
clock icon 5 Minutes Mental Health    clock icon 21 May 2023

Should You Go to a Psychotherapist or a Psychologist?

Because both professionals specialize in assisting clients with emotional or mental health issues, it can be challenging to distinguish between a psychotherapist and a psychologist at times.
clock icon 5 Minutes Mental Health    clock icon 21 May 2023

How to Help a Sibling That Is Suicidal?

It's normal for siblings to struggle with how to help a brother or sister who is exhibiting suicidal thoughts or actions because suicide is such a delicate and difficult subject.
clock icon 5 Minutes Mental Health    clock icon 18 May 2023

Is Personality Disorder the Same Term as Mental Illness?

Mental health is an essential component of an individual's overall well-being. Mental illnesses, such as personality disorders, can significantly impact an individual's thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns, leading to .. more..
clock icon 5 Minutes Mental Health    clock icon 8 May 2023

What is Narrative Exposure Therapy?

In the field of psychotherapy, many popular treatments exist, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
clock icon 4 Minutes Mental Health    clock icon 3 May 2023

The Elite and Narcissism

The term "elite" is frequently used to describe individuals who have achieved exceptional success in various aspects of life, such as science, religion, business, and public service. But even the most talented and accomplished people .. more..
clock icon 3 Minutes Mental Health    clock icon 17 April 2023
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