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10 Tips to Motivate Yourself

We all like to set goals for ourselves at the beginning of the new year, at the beginning of each month, and even at the beginning of each day, but how good are we at achieving the goals we set for ourselves? .. more..
clock icon 6 Minutes Motivation    clock icon 15 July 2024

What is Fear-based Motivation? Is it useful?

Fear-based motivation is to force yourself and others to do things for fear of what will happen if you don't do them well.
clock icon 6 Minutes Motivation    clock icon 7 July 2024

How to Overcome Setbacks and Regain Motivation?

This week I faced my first setback in motivating my blog's goals. It was an emotionally challenging week. I didn't feel motivated to do anything more than hide inside my shell.
clock icon 7 Minutes Motivation    clock icon 17 June 2024

4 Strategies to Boost Intrinsic Motivation

It's hard to build a routine that will boost your productivity. You have to be more reliable and take responsibility for yourself, but finding time for that in your busy life is challenging. You try some routines at home or at work that you .. more..
clock icon 5 Minutes Motivation    clock icon 12 April 2024

Motivation Between Psychology and Business

Most businesses frequently encounter diverse human-to-human interactions. Consequently, companies that understand human behavior and pay heed to it are more likely to succeed.
clock icon 3 Minutes Finance and Business    clock icon 23 July 2023

How to Harness Motivation for Life Enhancement and Overcome Short-Term Obstacles?

Introducing Clark, who is preparing to commence his day on a Monday morning. Due to waking up late, he hastily prepares lunch for his children, sees them off to school, and almost forgets to dress before commencing work. As he begins his .. more..
clock icon 5 Minutes Motivation    clock icon 18 June 2023

Can Motivation Be Bad? When Should You Stop Relying on Motivation?

Although motivation is frequently seen as the secret to success, is it always advantageous? Many people rely significantly on motivation to help them accomplish their objectives, but what happens when it starts to hurt them? .. more..
clock icon 5 Minutes Motivation    clock icon 18 May 2023

Motivation: Personal Life Vs. Career

An important component that propels people toward accomplishing their objectives and desires is motivation in its various forms.
clock icon 5 Minutes Motivation    clock icon 5 May 2023

The Art of Motivation: how to motivate yourself and others?

Motivation is a crucial aspect of personal and professional life. It helps individuals achieve their goals and drives performance in the workplace. But motivating oneself and others can be challenging, especially in today’s .. more..
clock icon 5 Minutes Motivation    clock icon 25 April 2023

Motivation Between Theory and Practice

Psychologists, educators, and management theorists have studied motivation extensively since it is a key aspect of human behavior.
clock icon 5 Minutes Motivation    clock icon 15 April 2023

The Importance of Motivation and Tips to Keep It Alive

Life with no motivation is impossible. Motivation is the thing that keeps us going and encourages us to bring out the best in us when everything else is pushing us down. At your darkest hours and worst times, when nothing seems to be going .. more..
clock icon 4 Minutes Motivation    clock icon 31 March 2023

Avoid Stimulus Drain

It is easy to get excited when you set a new goal and start working so hard that after a week you're completely exhausted. This may be an annual event for some people, usually starting on 1 January as a diet that deteriorates within a month, .. more..
clock icon 3 Minutes Motivation    clock icon 27 December 2022
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